WFC Summer Nationals Seedings 7/12/17 6:50pm

Seedings are posted below and brackets have been attached.  Please note field numbers have changed at Horry County Fields (Field 1 has become Field 3).

12U UPDATED-We apologize, there was simply a transfer mistake on our behalf in the seedings.  A new bracket is posted. These are the updated seedings and again we apologize for the mistake

  1. Maryland Chill
  2. VA Stars
  3. SJ Mystics Hudeo
  4. SJ Mystics Divello
  5. Florida Power
  6. TN Heat
  7. VA Unity
  8. PA Wild
  9. Ohio Hawks
  10. MV Xpress
  11. Jersey Intensity
  12. Khaos
  13. Mafia Daviau
  14. Avon Assault
  15. LB Lady Bombers
  16. C Phoenix


  1. Tampa Mustangs
  2. SJ Heat
  3. Lakeshore Lightning
  4. Loudoun Inferno
  5. Fielder’s Choice
  6. Elite Gold
  7. Thunderchicks
  8. Bay State Thunder
  9. C Indiana Catz
  10. Extreme Power
  11. CT Titans Green
  12. SJ Mystics Patch
  13. Lady Knights
  14. Indy Fusion
  15. O Cougars Lamb
  16. Mass Titans
  17. O Cougars Amond

16U Blue

  1. Indiana Futures
  2. CT Titans Blue
  3. WW Ninjas
  4. Diamond Elite 01
  5. Cobras
  6. Crush
  7. Ohio Power
  8. Bay State Thunder
  9. CT Mirage
  10. Mass Titans
  11. Edgewood Bulldogs
  12. Ohio Tigers

16U Red

  1. Diamonds 01 Elite
  2. Lady Irish Elite
  3. Cap City Force
  4. Knoxville Explosion
  5. Carolina Hustle
  6. HL Canes
  7. Cincy Slammers
  8. PA Poison
  9. Ohio Energy
  10. Freedom Fastpitch
  11. VA Lady Aces
  12. Anne Arundel Heat


  1. TN White Lightning
  2. Terror Fastpitch
  3. K Krush
  4. Mass Titans
  5. Extreme Power
  6. NC Fury
  7. Khaos
  8. VA Unity
  9. W Wolfpack
  10. MD Heat Xtreme
  11. C Attitude
  12. West Liberty Force
  13. HL Canes



16U Blue

16U Red


WFC Summer Showcase Seedings updated 7:40pm

WFC Summer Showcase Seedings-ALL GAMES AT NMBPSC

  1. Maryland Heat
  2. Virginia Legends
  3. Lady Lightning Select Prince
  4. USSSA Pride
  5. Carolina Crush
  6. Diamond Fever
  7. Muskie Chix
  8. Firecrackers-SC Vaughn
  9. Black Widows
  10. Carolina Sluggers
  11. PA Poison
  12. Lady Magic
  13. Rage-due to a forfeit, you will automatically win your first game, please see bracket
  14. Pride Elite
  15. Chambersburg Phoenix
  16. Southern Eclipse
  17. VA Strikers
  18. Southern Belles
  19. Coastal Waves
  20. Carolina Rage

Please see updated bracket 

5 Key Points for Coaches and Athletes

Five key points for coaches:
1. Coach for the love of the game and love of the athletes
2. Put the welfare of your athletes above winning
3. Abide by the judgement of the officials and accept the rules of the game and play within the spirit of the game
4. Reward effort and behavior and not outcome
5. Give dignity to mistakes made with full speed and attention.
*Proactive Coaching Book-Teaching Character through Sport.

Five key points for athletes:
1. Play the game for fun
2. Be gracious when you win and graceful when you lose
3. Respect and abide by the rules of the game
4. Put the team ahead of yourself in every situation
5. Accept decisions by those in authority
*Proactive Coaching Book-Teaching Character through Sport.

WFC collects toys for Toys for Tots

WFC held their annual Toys for Tots fundraiser in Myrtle Beach, SC on December 10, 2016.  With 30 teams, we were able to break our record and collected over 700 toys to be donated to the local chapter of Toys for Tots.  It was amazing to see how excited these players and teams get about helping out others  .  It was a great success and we are so happy that we are help these very deserving children have a very Merry Christmas!! 

(we had already loaded a truck full before we got the pictures) So proud of our teams!