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Play WFC - Cancellation Policy

Updated 12/17/14

Free Berth policies:

if your team earns a free berth, you have until 14 days prior to the Wednesday before the tourament to secure the berth.  If your team secures the berth and drops after the 14 day deadline, your team will owe the FULL tournament fee.  If you do not secure the berth before the 14 days, the free berth will be null and void.  Securing berth must be done in writing via email to agplayer13@gmail.com or jliles101@aol.com.  

Cancellation & Rain Policies:

Teams remember we are all taking a chance by playing an outdoor sport.  No one has control over mother nature.  WFC will do the very best to be fair with each individual circumstance.  

If there are severe weather warnings i.e. tropical storm, tornado, hurricanes projected for the area, WFC will not play due to safety for all teams.

All teams should expect the possibility of a changed schedule due to inclement weather.

On the first day of the tournament, if an event cannot be started and is ruled cancelled by WFC staff there will be a 100% refund by check minus any paypal fees. If WFC staff rules that the event is playable with adjustments to the schedule, all teams are expected to play. If a team cancels at this point they lose their entry fee.

After a tournament is started and the tournament has to be cancelled due to inclement weather, there will be no refunds issued.

WFC will always try to arrange schedules so the tournament can be completed and a winner announced if bracket play has started.

If inclement weather arrives, all games after 5 innings are official and a winner is declared.

If inclement weather arrives, and there is more than 1 team undefeated in the winner's bracket, multiple teams may be declared co-champions or top undefeated teams. 

Bracket play is determined by winners & losers.

If a team wins, they advance in the winner’s bracket. If a team loses they advance to the loser’s bracket.

If inclement weather arises and one undefeated team remains in the winner’s bracket, that team will be declared the Champion.  If a team is waiting in the loser’s bracket to play 3rd place game (last team to drop to the loser’s bracket), then that team will be declared 2nd place and all other teams are tied for 3rd place.   

All Championship games have one winner’s bracket team, i.e. one team that has not lost a game and one team with one loss. If inclement weather arises during a Championship game and 5 innings have not been completed, the undefeated team in the bracket will be declared the Champion. If the one loss team beats the winner in the Championship game and weather arises in the IF game, then teams will be declared co-champion.

Possible Sunday play for a one-day event is based on: if the bracket can’t be started on Saturday, teams have played less than 2 games or any other unforeseen problems. Additional gate fees are charged if Sunday play is required.

If inclement weather arises during a One-Day tournament, and there are 1 and/or 2 undefeated teams in the winner’s bracket, WFC will declare a champion or co-champions.  

WFC has a curfew of midnight unless specific parks and/or complexes set forth a different curfew.

If a team forfeits out of the tournament, no points, no placement, and no trophies will be given.

The WFC Shootout is for if games on a One Day Event & events that incur bad weather. This is a new game with a new line up & coin flip. The last person in line up goes to second base. The game is international tiebreaker from then on. The team that holds the lead for a full inning is the Champion.

Remember that when you enter a tournament, there is an obligation to play in that tournament as other teams are counting on those teams to be there.  Not showing up for a tournament will affect many others besides your team.  We understand that emergencies and circumstances arise without notice. 

Many tournaments fill up and teams that drop may prevent other teams from getting in, especially if they drop out the week of the tournament.

Teams that drop out of tournaments more than one time will be placed on probation for the rest of the season.

Teams that drop out of a tournament after Sunday night at midnight the week prior to the tournament or no show will owe the entire entry fees of dropped tournament. Then the team is subject to be withdrawn from any future WFC events that they have paid or signed up for and can be banned from WFC tournaments. Teams that sign up on more than one web site for the same weekend are considered dropped from WFC events and penalties will be enforced. Refunds are issued after the event has been played and by check.  Any refund issued due to a team dropping from an event and paid via Paypal will be issued by check and minus the PayPal fees. 

*RETURNED CHECKS will be assessed a $50 fee plus the amount of the check.  Fees must be covered by cash or certified check. More than one returned check by a team will result in team having to pay with cash or credit card for tournament fees.  


 WFC BANNED REGULATIONS: A team, coach, organization or spectator can be banned from WFC tournaments, clinics or any other WFC functions for:

1. Bad behaviors or bad sportsmanship.

2. Being loud and shouting bad adjectives or derogatory statements about WFC, umpires, other coaches, and/or fans. These words do not have to be profanity.

3. Profanity

4. Fighting

5. Lying

6. The act of fighting.

7. Throwing things at umpires or onto fields, stands or anything on complex property.

8. Stomping of the feet or hands at umpires or others.

9. Pattern of no respect for umpire's service.

10. Disrespect for WFC directors.

11. Not listening and accepting WFC policies.

12. Refusing a placement trophy.

13. Making a mockery of any WFC games.

14. Not showing up at a WFC tournament that they have signed up for.

15. Signing up for WFC tournaments then dropping out of WFC events.

16. Writing a bad or returned check or a stop payment check. There will be a $50.00 service charge for any of these.

17. Teams that have coaches that are directors from another organization or host Fastpitch tournaments for other organizations that can cause a threat to WFC are not allowed to play WFC tournaments.

18.  NO WFC Director or organization representative may coach a team during a big event such as the World Series, Battle at the Beach, etc and be a director at the same time of the age group that they are playing.

Team requirements for tournament play:

*Teams must check in with a tournament representative before their 1st game.

*Teams must make sure entry fees are paid & are WFC sanctioned.

*Teams must turn in a signed WFC roster for each WFC event.

*Coaches & players must have proper equipment & uniform.

*Players cannot play with any jewelry including breakaway necklaces

*Teams must have a birth certificate for each player on the roster & team insurance policy in the dugout during all WFC games.

*No warming up on the infields before the games.

*Questioning balls and strikes can lead to an ejection from the tournament. Coaches are responsible for controlling their team, players & parents.

*If a coach or a player is ejected from one game in a tournament he/she is subject to be ejected from the entire tournament. If a coach or player is ejected from two games in a tournament he/she will be automatically ejected from the entire tournament.

*If a team, coach, or anyone attending the tournament is found to be stealing the opposing teams pitch signals he/she will be automatically ejected from the tournament. The WFC Official Director will decide this action.

Everyone should realize the schedules are subject to change. Reasons for change may be but not limited to teams dropping out, or adding teams, due to rain, lights not working, field damage, games going extra innings, mistake made in schedule, and many more reasons.

Because of this, teams need to expect the possibility of late games on any night and tournament format can be changed.

These policies are formal and stand for all WFC tournaments with exception of any Myrtle Beach, SC, National, World or State events including all tournaments that hold more than 30 teams. These events will have individual cancelation policies noted for cancelation deadlines.

Catastrophic Occurrence Cancelation:

In case of catastrophic occurrences such as, but not limited to hurricanes, fire, floods, etc.; a tournament may be cancelled regarding the safety of all teams and families. If cancellation occurs teams may incur up to a $300.00 charge for event costs.