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WFC Bunny Hop Challenge BERTHS!! FREE to 8U!! Easter Egg Hunt for the Players

Date:March 31, 2018
Location:Sumter, SC
Format:One pool play then double elimination
Entry Fee:185
Groups: 8u,10u,12u,14u

WFC Bunny Hop March 31, 2018

At Patriot Park 320 General Dr  Sumter,SC 29510

Team requirements for tournament play:  Teams must check in with a tournament representative before their 1st game. Teams must make sure entry fees are paid & the team is WFC sanction. Teams must turn in a signed WFC roster for each WFC event. After a team turns in a WFC signed roster at check in, no players can be added. Coaches & players must have proper equipment & dress. Players cannot play with any jewelry. Teams must have birth certificate for each player on the roster & insurance policy in the dugout during all WFC games.No warming up on the infields before the games. Questioning balls and strikes can lead to an ejection from the tournament. Coaches are responsible for controlling their team, players & parents. If a coach or a player is ejected from one game in a tournament he/she is subject to be ejected from the entire tournament. If a coach or player is ejected from two games in a tournament he/she will be automatically ejected from the entire tournament. If a team, coach, or anyone attending the tournament is found to be stealing the opposing teams pitch signals he/she will be automatically ejected from the tournament. The WFC Official Director will decide this intent. Possible concussions can happen at any time.  Symptoms are dizzy, headache, upset stomach, and sleepy. A couple weeks back a set of parents made sure their daughter was completely check. We can all learn from this & always have any head injury checked out.

UPDATED 3/30/18 3PM 


9:00                          Field 1                     10u                           L Rocks  vs. C Fire (Morrow)

9:00                          Field 2                     10u               OPEN

9:00                          Field 3                     12u                           FCA Weaver  vs. Hurricanes Ham




10:30                       Field 1                     12u                           Mojo    vs   Hurricanes

10:30                       Field 2                     10u                           Mojo vs. C Thunder

10:30                       Field 3                     12u                          FCA Weaver   vs. L Rocks Royal


Pool games are 1:05 finish the inning, games can end in a tie

Egg hunter will start around 11:40am

The 10u are seeded into 1 brackets with bracket play starting around 12:30 Championship is around 6:30pm and the if game is a WFC Shootout

The 12u are seeded into one brackets with bracket play starting around 12:30pm Championship is around 6:30pm and the if game is a WFC Shootout

Bracket Games are 1 hour 15 minutes any game 5 innings played is an official complete, if due to the weather & many more possible reasons. The higher seed is the home & official score team. Until the Championship when the undefeated team is automatically home, no matter what their seed was

Championship games are 1 hour & 30mins. or 7 innings or run rules 12, 10,8.

Everyone should realize the schedule is subject to change. Reasons for change may be but not limited to teams dropping out, or adding teams, due to rain, lights not working, field damage, games going extra innings, mistake made in schedule, and many more reasons. Because of this, teams need to expect the possible of late games on any night and tournament formant can be changed


Easter egg hunt for the players throughout the day!!

FREE TO 8U!!!!!

Top 4 teams in each age geroup RECEIVE A BERTH TO THE SC State Tournament June 9-10, 2018  for only $150!!!!!!

Patriots Park

320 General Dr

Sumter, SC


Palmetto Park

416 S Wise Dr

Sumter, SC 





Teams must pre-pay. This event is a 3 game format, 1 pool game into double elimination. There is no guarantee in the number of games a team could play. 

Entry fees increase if not paid by March 26, 2018 to $225.00. 



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Contact Name: Kristi Moore

Contact Email: klisgett@gmail.com

Contact Phone: 864-905-3149