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Tournament Times

Battle at the Beach

WFC Battle at the Beach in Myrtle Beach, SC 11/20/14 Updated 11:00am


PLEASE EMAIL agplayer13@gmail.com.  Errors include:

Playing the same team twice

Only scheduled for one pool play

Scheduled for 3 pool play

Playing a team from your area/team you played all year



Daily Gate Fees: Friday $3, Saturday $6, Sunday $6. 


Everyone should realize the schedule is subject to change by teams dropping out, or adding teams, due to rain, lights not working, field damage, games going extra innings, mistake made in schedule, and many more reasons. EVERYONE SHOULD CHECK SCHEDULE DAILY BEFORE & DURING THE TOURNAMENT. Because of this, teams need to expect the possibility of late games on any night and tournament format can be changed.

Team requirements for tournament play:

  • Teams MUST check in with a tournament representative before their 1st game.
  • Teams must make sure entry fees are paid & the team is sanctioned with WFC.
  • Teams MUST turn in two signed (parents and players) WFC rosters and SURVEY****
  • After a team turns in a WFC signed roster at check in, no players can be added.
  • Coaches & players must have proper equipment & dress.
  • Players cannot play with any jewelry of any kind including breakaways and band aids over earrings.
  • Teams must have birth certificate for each player on the roster & insurance policy in the dugout during all WFC games.
  • No warming up on the infields before the games.
  • Teams be ready to play at least 30 minutes prior to game time
  • Questioning balls and strikes can lead to an ejection from the tournament.
  • Coaches are responsible for controlling their team, players & parents.
  • If a coach or a player is ejected from one game in a tournament he/she is subject to be ejected from the entire tournament.
  • If a coach or player is ejected from two games in a tournament he/she will be automatically ejected from the entire tournament.
  • If a team, coach, or anyone attending the tournament is found to be stealing the opposing teams pitch signals he/she will be automatically ejected from the tournament. The WFC Official Director will decide this intent. Any persons ejected must vacate the premises immediately
  • No pets allowed in any complex
  • Teams are allowed one team cooler

*** Survey is at the bottom of tournaments times, please print and bring to check in

Pool games are 1 hour drop dead


Ned Donkle: F-A, F-B, F-C, F-D,F-E, F-F, F-G

Grand Park: F-1, F-2, F-3, F-4, F-5, F-6,F-7,F-8,F-9,F-10,F-11

The Ripken Experience: Duncan, Navin, Huntington, Shibe, Westside






Grand Park

6:00pm      F-1 12U SC Illusion 03 vs Carolina Shockwave 

6:00pm      F-2 12U 02 Hit’n Mill Vipers vs Post 290 Bombers

6:00pm      F-3 12U Team Fastpitch vs  Team Vengeance

6:00pm      F-4 12U SC Illusion 02 vs Hanover Hornets

6:00pm      F-5 12U Lady Aces vs Pitt County Crushers

6:00pm      F-6 12U Diamond Elite Dover vs Florence Knockouts 03

6:00pm      F-7 12U Carolina Lightning vs Hoke Hustle

6:00pm      F-8 10U Beach Blast vs Delaware Cobras

6:00pm      F-9 10U Florence Knockouts 04 vs Palmetto Gators

6:00pm      F-10 12U Carolina Fusion vs Carolina Crush

6:00pm      F-11 12U Carolina Rumble vs Palmetto Gators



6:00pm         Duncan 16U Lady Lightning Pedy vs VA Edge

6:00pm         Navin    16U TriCounty Rattlers vs Palmetto Force

6:00pm         Huntington 14U North Carolina Heat vs SC Hurricanes 

6:00pm         Westside 14U Shockers vs Carolina Stingerz 00

6:00pm          Shibe 14U Concord Patriots vs Cavalier 3n2 Express Elite


Grand Park

7:10pm         F-1 12U SC Illusion 03 vs Madison Mystics

7:10pm         F-2 12U 02 Hit’n Mill Vipers vs Palmetto Elite

7:10pm         F-3 12U Goose Creek Diamondbacks 01 vs Team Vengeance

7:10pm         F-4 12U Richmond Thunder vs SC Illusion 02

7:10pm         F-5 12U SC Xtreme vs Lady Aces

7:10pm         F-6 12U Carolina Fire vs Diamond Elite Dover

7:10pm         F-7 12U Carolina Lightning vs Carolina Dirt Devils 03

7:10pm         F-8 10U Carolina Travelers vs Delaware Cobras

7:10pm         F-9 10U Florence Knockouts 04 vs Port City Thunder

7:10pm         F-10 12U Crystal Coast Riptides vs Carolina Fusion

7:10pm         F-11 12U Palmetto Gators vs Florence Knockouts 02



7:10pm         Duncan 16U Lady Lightning Pedy vs Carolina Express

7:10pm         Navin 16U Venom vs TriCounty Rattlers

7:10pm         Huntington 14U SC Hurricanes vs Carolina Lightning

7:10pm         Westside 14U Shockers vs SC Badkatz

7:10pm         Shibe 14U Lowcountry Bratz vs Concord Patriots


Grand Park

8:20pm         F-1 12U Madison Mystics vs Carolina Shockwave 

8:20pm         F-2 12U Post 290 Bombers vs Palmetto Elite

8:20pm         F-3 12U Goose Creek Diamondbacks 01 vs Team Fastpitch

8:20pm         F-4 12U Richmond Thunder vs Hanover Hornets

8:20pm         F-5 12U SC Xtreme vs Pitt County Crushers

8:20pm         F-6 12U Carolina Fire vs Carolina Dirt Devils 03

8:20pm         F-7 12U Florence Knockouts 03 vs Hoke Hustle

8:20pm         F-8 10U Carolina Travelers vs Port City Thunder

8:20pm         F-9 10U Beach Blast vs Palmetto Gators

8:20pm         F-10 12U Crystal Coast Riptides vs Florence Knockouts 02

8:20pm         F-11 12U Carolina Rumble vs Carolina Crush



8:20pm         Duncan 16U Carolina Express vs VA Edge

8:20pm         Navin 16U Venom vs Palmetto Force

8:20pm         Huntington 14U Lowcountry Bratz vs Carolina Stingerz 00

8:20pm         Shibe 14U Cavalier 3n2 Express Elite vs North Carolina Heat  

8:20pm         Westside 14U Carolina Lightning vs SC Badkatz



Grand Park

8:00am          F-1 12U WNC Extreme Bugg vs Carolina Starz

8:00am          F-2 12U North Charleston Thunder vs Delaware Cobras

8:00am          F-3 12U Lady Tigers 03 vs VA Lady Eagles

8:00am           F- 12U White Lightning vs Green Machine 03

8:00am          F-5 12U Cavalier 3n2 Express Elite vs Team TFS Daye

8:00am          F-6 10U North Charleston Thunder vs Hotstyx

8:00am          F-7 10U Red Hotz 04 vs Lady Tigers 05

8:00am          F-8 10U Carolina Connexion vs Team Vengeance

8:00am          F-9 10U Carolina Dirt Devils vs Goose Creek Diamondbacks

8:00am          F-10 10U Diamond Backs 03 vs Pitt County Dynamite 04

8:00am          F-11 10U Pee Dee Hurricanes vs SC Xtreme


Ned Donkle

8:00am          F-A 14U Xplosion vs SC Xtreme

8:00am          F-B 14U Carolina Girls vs VA Lady Eagles

8:00am          F-C 14U Goose Creek Diamondbacks vs Carolina Elite Fisher

8:00am          F-D 14U Pro Performance vs Delaware Cobras Green

8:00am          F-E 14U Palmetto Outlaws vs Coastal Crush

8:00am          F-F 14U Lowcountry Legends vs Wicked

8:00am          F-G 14U Delaware Pride vs Team TFS Futures



8:00am          Duncan 8U Lady Vipers vs SC Illusion

8:00am          Navin 8U Coastal Synergy vs Coastal Breeze

8:00am          Huntington 16U SC Hurricanes Stone vs Southern Fierce

8:00am          Westside 16U Lady Lightning Roby vs SCAA Blaze

8:00am          Shibe 16U Carolina Lightning vs Team NC Presley


Grand Park

9:10am          F-1 12U WNC Extreme Bugg vs North Charleston Thunder

9:10am          F-2 12U Carolina Starz vs Delaware Cobras

9:10am          F-3 12U Lady Tigers 03 vs Goose Creek Diamondbacks 02

9:10am          F-4 12U VA Lady Eagles vs Team TFS Daye 

9:10am          F-5 12U Cavalier 3n2 Express Elite vs White Lightning  

9:10am          F-6 10U Carolina Fire vs Red Hotz 04

9:10am          F-7 10U North Charleston Thunder vs Lady Tigers 05

9:10am          F-8 10U Dirt Dynasty vs Carolina Stealth 03

9:10am          F-9 10U SC Badkatz 03 vs Carolina Dirt Devils 04

9:10am          F-10 10U SC Xtreme vs Pitt County Dynamite 04

9:10am           F-11 10U Diamond Backs 03 vs Pee Dee Hurricanes


Ned Donkle 

9:10am          F-A 14U Carolina Cardinals vs SC Xtreme

9:10am          F-B 14U DE Cobras Black vs Carolina Girls

9:10am          F-C 14U Lady Diamondbacks vs Carolina Elite Fisher

9:10am          F-D 14U Southern Sliders vs DE Cobras Green

9:10am          F-E 14U Carolina Heat vs Palmetto Outlaws

9:10am          F-F 14U Lowcountry Legends vs Crushers  

9:10am          F-G 14U Team TFS Storm vs Delaware Pride



9:10am          Duncan 8U Southern Heat vs KnockOuts

9:10am          Navin     8U Hotstyx vs Wicked

9:10am          Huntington 16U Team NC Presley vs SC Hurricanes Stone

9:10am          Westside  16U Goose Creek Diamondbacks vs SCAA Blaze

9:10am          Shibe      16U Carolina Lightning vs NC Challengers Renzi


Grand Park

10:20am       F-1 12U Goose Creek Diamondbacks 02 vs Green Machine 03

10:20am       F-6 10U SC Badkatz vs Dirt Dynasty  

10:30am       F-7 10U Carolina Stealth 03 vs Team Vengeance

10:20am       F-8 10U Carolina Fire vs Carolina Connexion

10:20am       F-9 10U Goose Creek Diamondbacks vs Hotstyx


Ned Donkle

10:20am       F-A 14U Xplosion vs Coastal Crush

10:20am       F-B 14U VA Lady Eagles vs DE Cobras Black

10:20am       F-C 14U Goose Creek Diamondbacks vs Lady Diamondbacks

10:20am       F-D 14U Southern Sliders vs Carolina Cardinals

10:20am       F-E 14U Carolina Heat vs Pro Performance

10:20am       F-F 14U Team TFS Storm vs Crushers

10:20am       F-G 14U Team TFS Futures vs Wicked



10:20am        Duncan 8U CC Red Hotz 05 vs Diamond Cats

10:20am        Navin 8U  Carolina Fire vs Pitt County Explosion 05

10:20am       Westside 16U Goose Creek Diamondbacks vs Lady Lightning Roby

10:20am       Shibe 16U  NC Challengers Renzi vs Southern Fierce



11:30am      Duncan 8U Rascals vs Carolina Fire


Bracket Games are 1 hour 15 minutes

Championship games are 1 hour and 30 minutes on Sunday around 3:05pm for 8u, 10u, 14u, 16u and 4:30pm for 12u. Any IF game will be WFC Shootout. 


  • All complexes are rented to WFC and their individual gate fees, rules & regulations are in an effect. WFC reserves the right to refuse entry to any persons to a WFC sanctioned event if they feel as though they are a threat to the event/organization.  
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