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Tournament Times

WFC Spring World Series UPDATED 4/23/14 8:50pm

Palmetto Park

416 Wise Dr

Sumter, SC 29150


Teams must check in with a tournament representative before their 1st game.

Teams must make sure entry fees are paid & the team is WFC sanctioned.

Teams must turn in a signed WFC roster for each WFC event.

Coaches & players must have proper equipment & dress.

Players cannot play with any jewelry.

Teams must have birth certificate for each player on the roster & insurance policy in the dugout during all WFC games.

No warming up on the infields before the games.

Teams must be ready to play 30 mins. before scheduled times.

Questioning balls and strikes can lead to an ejection from the tournament.

Coaches are responsible for controlling their team, players & parents.

Teams are allowed one team cooler.

Pick up line up cards.

Schedule is subject to change due to the weather and many more possible reasons

Pool play games are 1 hour 15 minutes finish the inning.  Pool play games will seed in to the bracket.  Games can end in a tie.  If home team is ahead, time has expired and visiting team has batted, home team will not permitted to bat to increase runs.

Seeding will be determined according to:  Record, Head to Head, Runs Allowed, Runs Scored, Coin Flip. 




8:00am F-1 12U South Carolina Rebels vs South Carolina Xtreme

8:00am F-2 10U SC Illusion vs SC Xtreme

8:00am F-3 8U Hotstyx vs GC Diamondbacks

8:00am F-5 12U GC Diamondbacks vs Xplosion

8:00am F-6 12U SC Illusion vs Carolina Starz


9:25am F-1 12U South Carolina Rebels vs Sandhills Slammers

9:25am F-2 10U North Charleston Thunder vs SC Illusion

9:25am F-3 10U SC Xtreme vs GC Diamondbacks

9:25am F-4 8U Diamondbacks vs USSSA Georgia Pride

9:25am F-5 12U GC Diamondbacks vs Crystal Coast Riptides

9:25am F-6 12U SC Illusion vs GA Shockers


10:50am F-1 12U Sandhills Slammers vs SC Xtreme

10:50am F-2 10U GC Diamondbacks vs North Charleston Thunder

10:50am F-3 8U USSSA Georgia Pride vs Hotstyx

10:50am F-4 8U GC Diamondbacks vs Diamondbacks

10:50am F-5 12U Crystal Coast Riptides vs Xplosion

10:50am F-6 12U Carolina Starz vs GA Shockers


Bracket games are 1 hour 30 minutes. Higher seed will be home team until Championship game.  Undefeated team will be home team in Championship game.

Bracket play for 8U will begin around 12:15pm with Championship scheduled for 6:55pm.  This is now a one-day tournament weather permitting.

Bracket play for 10U will begin around 12:15pm with Championship scheduled for 6:55pm.  This is now a one-day tournament weather permitting.

Bracket play for 12U will begin around 12:15pm with play resuming Sunday at 8:00am. Championship scheduled for around 1:00pm. Some teams could lose out weather permitting

Everyone should realize the schedule is subject to change. Reasons for change may be but not limited to teams dropping out, or adding teams, due to rain, lights not working, field damage, games going extra innings, mistake made in schedule, and many more reasons. Because of this, teams need to expect the possible of late games on any night and tournament format can be changed.