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Fall World Series

Here is a list of all the WFC Prize Tournaments!!!!!!!  If you would like to get into the Tournament please contact one of the WFC Tournament Directors or go to the tournament page and sign up there.  All prizes for each tournament are based off of a certain number of teams.  Make sure you sign up early for these tournaments.  Spots are limited!!!!







March 1st                  Aiken, SC                           Champs and Runner up Rings
July 12th                    Aiken, SC                          Champion T-Shirts
July 26th                    Aiken, SC                          Champions receive Batting Gloves
March 8th                Barnwell, SC                       Xeno Bat and 8U--Decker Bucket
July 5th                    Barnwell, SC                       All players receive WFC Shirt
Oct 25th                     Barnwell, SC                      Contests all day long
April 5th                    Columbia, SC                       Double Phitens for all Players,
                                                                                  8U-1/2 dz Balls
May 24th                   Columbia, SC                       Champions T-Shirts
Oct 25th                     Columbia, SC                       Contests all day long
March 15th             Florence, SC                             Xeno Bat
April 12th                  Florence, SC                           Xeno Bat
May 3rd                     Florence, SC                           Xeno Bat
May 30th                   Florence, SC                           Xeno Bat,
                                                                                   All Players receive phitens
March 8th                Hartsville, SC                    Xeno Bat
May 17th                 Hartsville, SC                    Rings for Champs and Runner ups
June 21st                 Hartsville, SC                    Towel giveaways
Aug 30th                  Hartsville, SC                    Champs and Runner up T-Shirts
Kinston, NC
March 1st                Kinston, NC                       Xeno Bat
March 15th              Kinston, NC                      Champs and Runner up Rings
March 29th               Kinston, NC                      Xeno Bat
April 5th                    Kinston, NC                     Xeno Bat
May 17th                   Kinston, NC                     T-Shirts for all players
May 31st                   Kinston, NC                     Xeno Bat
June 27th                   Kinston, NC                    1st and 2nd rings, all players gift bags
Myrtle Beach
May 10th                   Myrtle Beach, SC              Free T-Shirts for Moms
May 17th                   Myrtle Beach, SC              Rings for Champs and Runner ups
May 24th                   Myrtle Beach, SC              Rings for Champs and Runner ups
June 7th                     Myrtle Beach, SC              1st – bat bags, 2nd place sling bags
June 7th                    Myrtle Beach, SC               8u-Rec T-Shirts for all players
July 4th                       Myrtle Beach, SC              T-Shirts for all players
Oct 25th                     Myrtle Beach, SC              8u—Batting Gloves, Contests all day
N. Myrtle Beach
June 13th                   N. Myrtle Beach, SC       1st and 2nd rings, all players gift bags
Sept 13th                   N. Myrtle Beach               8u—Net Giveaway


N. Charleston
March 15th               N. Charleston, SC              Pullovers for Champs
April 19th                  N. Charleston, SC              Xeno Bat
June 20th                   N. Charleston, SC              Home Run Giveaways
Aug 1st                      N. Charleston, SC              1st and 2nd place sunglasses 
Aug 23rd                    N. Charleston, SC             Champ T-Shirts, 8u sling bags
Oct 3rd                       N. Charleston, SC              Champs pd. Berths to Winter Nat.
Dec 5th                       N. Charleston, SC              1st and 2nd place T-Shirts
April 25th                  Sumter, SC                      Rings, T-Shirts for 1st and 2nd
June 13th                   Sumter, SC                     1st and 2nd rings, all players gift bags
July 5th                       Sumter, SC                    T-Shirts for Players, 8U--Hit Stix
March 22nd              Summerville, SC                WFC Balls
April 12th                  Walterboro, SC                Paid Berth to Spring WS for Champs
May 23rd                   Walterboro, SC                Rings for Champs and Runner ups
June 6th                     Walterboro, SC                1st and 2nd rings, all players gift bags