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Softball World Series

The entry fees must be mail in, please make the check out to
PO BOX 51075
Myrtle Beach,SC 29579

Teams come join us at one of the best resort areas and sports complexes in the Southeast.


2019 WFC World Series!!! in North Myrtle Beach, SC.

10u July 29-Aug 1, 2019

12u14u16u18u July 29-Aug 4, 2019

 Total fees 10u 1025.00

12u14u16u18u 1450.00

There are no gate, parking, or any others charges. 


NMBPSC North Myrtle Beach Park & Sports Complex 150 Citizens Circle Little River, SC 29566
Central Park  #1 & 2 1400 Outrigger Road, North Myrtle Beach, SC 29582
Mackey Field   #3 1030 Possum Trot Road (same complex)
Carolina Forest International Complex 905 International Drive Myrtle Beach,SC 29579

We greatly appreciate the opportunity to welcome the players, coaches and families to North Myrtle Beach. While in our beautiful city, please make sure to get your Sports Pass information. What is Sports Pass? This is an exciting program where specific restaurants, attractions, entertainment venues, golf courses and miniature golf offer discounts to players, coaches and their families while they are in North Myrtle Beach during a tournament/sporting event. 
To find a list of our Sports Pass partners and discounts offered, go toexplorenorthmyrtlebeach.com, go to the Golf/Sports tab and you will see the link for Sports Pass. Also our Sports Ambassadors will be at the Sports and Parks Complex with information on Sports Pass.
Enjoy your time in South Carolina's fastest rising destination - North Myrtle Beach!


 There are no guarantees in the number of games a team will play.

1st thru 4th place receive team awards

1st place will receive Rings

2nd place will receive individual awards



Contact DPH for all your team's trading pin needs:

WFC Balls will be furnished 


Teams Pre-Order Tournament Shirts Today!

Game Information Any games having 5 full innings is an official game. Metals cleats are allowed for the 14u 16u & 18u teams

WFC does require that all parents, fans, coaches, and players be on their best behavior while attending WFC World Series Events. WFC will not tolerate any unsportsmanlike behavior. Anyone who shows that they cannot behave in a proper manner will be asked to leave the complex immediately or the police will be called. 


Pool games will be 1 hour & 15 mins finish the inning and can end in a tie. Seeding will be based on:  Team record by Winning Percentage, Head to Head, Runs Allowed, Runs Scored, Coin Toss.


There is NO GUARANTEE in the seeding. Without Head to Head from each team this is not a true seed

The higher seeded team will be the home team for bracket play.  The undefeated team will be the home team for the championship with a flip on the possible IF game. The Home team is the official scorer. It is each team’s responsibility to turn in game scores.

Regular Bracket Games are 1 hour & 15 mins. An official game is 5 innings

Championship Games are 1 hour & 45 mins time limit or 6 innings for the 8u & 10u bracket or run rule 12, 10, 8. The if games will be the same.

Championship Games are 1 hour & 45 mins time limit or 7 innings for the 12u, 14u,16,18u,24u brackets or run rule 12, 10, 8. The if games will be the same. 

Coaches remember failure to turn in a signed WFC team roster can lead to disqualification.

Teams must check in with at least one team representative on July 28th Sunday evening from 5-7pm at the Central Park. 

It is mandatory to  pick up pins, submit head coach cell number (in case of emergencies/scheduling, etc.,) line ups, & turn in a TWO signed WFC team roster. 


After a team turns in a WFC signed roster at check in, no players can be added.


Please RVSP as it is not mandatory for the teams.


WFC Festival:

Monday July 29th at 6:30pm @ Central Park

WFC is going to use this event as a social gathering for everyone. We will do everything we can to make sure that everyone has a good time all while giving some girls a chance to compete in different events. It is not mandatory We will have a DJ, and much more. The only thing that we require is that all girls come to the photo tent to get a picture. DJ at main concession area by the  WFC picture tent. All games are for fun & the results are not posted.


AT 6:45pm a few the announcements & the teams read. The girls will make as they please their way to their respective fields to start the competitions. There will be a limit of 4 girls per team. The events and age groups will be as follows: 

Field 1 – All ages


  • Fastest Runner Field 2 – All ages


  • Longest Throw Field 3 – All Ages


  • Homerun Derby (Supply your own pitcher) Field 4 – 18U


  • Homerun Derby (Supply your own pitcher) Field 5 – 16u & 14U


  • Homerun Derby (Supply your own pitcher) Field 6 10U & 12U


WFC has a zero tolerance policy on questioning umpire's call of balls & strikes

 Any unsportsmanlike behavior or anyone who shows that they cannot control their behavior in a proper manner will be asked to leave the complex and can be banned from the event also immediately or the police will be called.  Coaches are responsible for their players, assistant coaches, and fans.


Everyone should realize the schedule is subject to change. By teams dropping out, or adding teams, due to rain, lights not working, field damage, games going extra inning, a mistake made in the schedule and many more reasons. Because of this, teams need to expect the possibility of late games on any night and tournament format can be changed. EVERYONE SHOULD CHECK THE SCHEDULE BEFORE AND DURING THE WORLD SERIES.
Rule of conduct: Coaches control your team & players, always showing respect. Balls and strike calls cannot be questioned; this can lead to an ejection.
In case of catastrophic occurrences such as but not limited to hurricanes, fire, floods, etc.; a tournament may be canceled regarding the safety of all teams and families. If cancellation occurs teams may incur up to a $1000.00 charge for event costs.
We thank you again for participating in the 2019 WFC World Series in North Myrtle Beach, SC  We hope for a fun-filled week of great weather, competitive games, and friendships made that will last a lifetime. We have a long history of this event. Spots are very limited due to the proven idea schedule, which gives the teams time for vacation too here in North Myrtle Beach 


Who's Playing is 2018 team list



Randolph Rage 

Ohio Lasers Gray 07 

Ohio Starz 07

Warriors 07

 Roadwarriors 07 OH

Central KY Batcats 

Miami Valley Xpress Harvey 

Ozone Howard Bulldoags

Bluegrass Elite



Dutchess Debs

Diamond Chix 05

Chester County Stars

Lady Lightning Select Sutton

Northern Calvert Fury 

PA Ball Hawks

Northeast Hurricanes NY

Pitbulls Fastpitch NJ

Pennsylvania Cardinals PA




Delaware Fillies

Chester County Stars

Northeast Hurricanes NY

Ohio Starz 04

Illinois Espirit 03

Angels Futures MD

Pittsburg Warpath

Express OH

Pitbulls Fastpitch NJ

Northern Calvert Fury 2K3 MD

Jersey Flames

Carteret Kraze

VA Unity Blackwell

Pennsylvania Cardinals

Cincinnati Lady Lions

Extreme Performance

Lady Orioles Futures MD




PA Triple Threat

X treme 01 Pickington,OH

Dixie Chicks

Northern Calvert Fury

Delaware Vipers

Angels Futures 

Central Jersey A's

Poynette Crush

Churchville Lightning

Pitbulls Fastpitch Black

Central Ohio Ice

Pennsylvania Cardinals

Lady Black Sox Black

Akron Racers Fastpitch 01

MD Express Baker




All Out 18U

Randolph Rage

Central Jersey Cyclones Navy NJ

Angels MD Elite

Dutchess Divas

Long Island Elite

Lower Bucks Lady Lions

Carolina Mojo

Sapphire Cobras

East Coast Titans 

Akron Racers Fastpitch 00

Pennsylvania Cardinals

Angels Gold MD

New Jersey Mystics Premier

Chester County Stars

Leesburg Revolution

Wachusett Stars

Elmora Huskies

PA Ball Hawks

Jersey Flames Elite

Twisters Fastpitch

Churchville Lightning

Silver Bullets

Pitbulls Fastpitch Black

Pitbulls Fastpitch Gold