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Umpire's Note

Illegal Bat Challenge Rule

It is extremely difficult to keep our bat list up to date, and it is possible that a bat may be illegal for league play but not yet on our list. Since safety is the primary reason for our bat policies, the use of questionable bats will not be allowed. Just because a bat is not on the list does not mean that it is legal.
To address this issue, we have initiated the bat challenge rule. This rule allows a team or an umpire to challenge the legality of a bat, even if it doesnot appear on the list.
This does not means, coaches can use this to delay the game or generally cause disturbance of play knowing the bat is legal.

Once a bat is challenged, if the umpire deems it illegal, it cannot be used. If the umpire deems the bat legal, it will be allowed and play will continue. If the umpire is not sure of the legality of the bat, it can be removed from the game at the umpires discretion. In this case, the automatic out call is waived, and the player is allowed to get another bat and continue her at-bat.

The challenged bat is then disqualified for the rest of the game, and must be cleared through the league office before it can be used again in a game. It is the players or managers responsibility to contact the league office to have a bat declared legal for league play. Bringing an identified illegal bat to the plate will still result in an out being called, the bat being disqualified, and the player & head coach are immediately ejected from the game.

It is also the responsibility of the manager to inform his/her team as to the rules and regulations of our league concerning bats. Managers may also contact the league office with any questions regarding legal or illegal bats

Approved WFC bats

This will be update peridocally, so please check back! 



Penalty for using an illegal bat:
The player and coach will be ejected from the game and an out. If the team is caught a second time during the same event the player and coach will be disqualified and the coach will be suspended for entire tournament.

Gloves: Mitts may be used by first baseman & catcher only.
The pitcher's glove shall be of one solid color other than white, gray, or optic yellow. Multicolored gloves are acceptable for all other players. Gloves with white, gray, or yellow optic circles on the outside, giving the appearance of a ball are illegal for all players.



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Amanda Player

WFC National Director



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