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Host a WFC Event

2016-2017 World Fastpitch Connection Director’s Agreement 

The Director’s team will receive an automatic berth to the WFC World Series held annually in August in Myrtle Beach, SC or WFC Summer Nationals in July in Myrtle Beach, SC.  If multiple teams would like to host a tournament, each team will receive the berth. Other incentives are available if director’s team meets all the requirements for hosting.  
The following are requirements for the hosting director(s) and/or team(s):
·Each team participating must sanction with World Fastpitch Connection at playwfc.org/forms/register.cfm
·Official WFC Balls must be used and bought through the National Office at $56 plus shipping a dozen
·Official WFC rules must be followed during the tournament.  The rule book is online at www.playwfc.org
·Director(s)/ team(s) agree to pay WFC $20 per team per tournament, and $25 per team for State tournaments (must be preapproved)
·Insurance is included unless a physical address of the complex requires additional coverage 
·All teams must have team insurance and carry birth certificates for all players
·All teams must hand in a completed and signed WFC roster at EVERY tournament
·All events must be posted on the WFC National website.  Any local website used for advertisement of WFC events must be pre approved through the National Office
·All teams must be encouraged to play the WFC World Series in Myrtle Beach, SC and/or WFC Summer Nationals in Myrtle Beach, SC
·All umpires must join the Association's insurance policy at $20 per umpire
·All trophies, t-shirts, awards are at the discretion of the Director (WFC has a reputation for supplying high quality trophies for every tournament)
·Director can purchase WFC apparel and/or trophies from the National Office for a discounted price to sell at the tournaments. Shirts are $5.42 each for a minimum of 50 shirts.  For team plaques 1st-4th and team individuals 1st and 2nd $165.00 and team trophies 1st-4th and team individuals 1st and 2nd $185.00 (all plus shipping)
·ANY apparel sold at a WFC tournament must be approved.  Any apparel not sent from the WFC National Office and sold at tournaments are subject to the franchise kickback to the National Office.
·All results must be reported to the National Office no later than the Monday after each tournament at 5:00pm
·All fees must be paid to the National Office no later than 7 days after each tournament
·If Director wishes to allow teams to prepay for the tournament via the National Website, then the paypal fees will be deducted from the fees before money is issued to the Director. If the Director does not wish for this, then teams would need to mail checks directly to Director and this must be stated on the tournament website
·Director must agree to pay his/her staff correctly and in a timely manner for all WFC events
·Any State or World Series Qualifier events must be preapproved through the National Office
·Director will supply the National Office with contact information for the National website along with all tournament information and details to be posted in a timely manner. 
World Fastpitch Connection provides well-ran, well-organized sporting events and asks that all teams representing WFC while hosting an event do the same.  We promote good sportsmanship and fun for all teams. We want to allow teams to enjoy their time on the field and want to come back to play again. 
I (we), ________________________________, agree to all the above stated requirements to host a World Fastpitch Connection event.  I (we) agree to represent WFC in a positive manner and conduct well-run and well-organized sporting events.  I (we) agree to keep the National Office up to date on all teams attending, schedules, results and any pertinent tournament matters. 
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To apply or if you have questions: Contact Ben Wofford @ bnwof@aol.com or call at 843-349-8931