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Softball World Series A Class


Come join us for our 20 years of girl's fastpitch!

WFC 2018 World Series 8u and 10u July 30-Aug 2, 2018

 WFC 2018 World Series 12u14u16u18u  July 30-Aug 5, 2018 

Teams come join us at one of the best resort areas and sports complexes in the Southeast.


For Hotel info, go to playwfc.org/tournaments/tournamentdetail.cfm and scroll to the bottom of the page  


NMBPSC North Myrtle Beach Park & Sports Complex

150 Citizens Circle Little River, SC 29566

Central Park #1 & 2

1400 Outrigger Road, North Myrtle Beach, SC 29582

Cental Park (Mackey Field) #3

1030 Possum Trot Road (same complex)

All complexes are rented to WFC and their individual gate fees, rules & regulations are in an effect. All copyrights are World Fastpitch Connection LLC. Daily fees are TBA Monday thru Sun daily. Kids under 10 are free daily. Three coaches & one scorekeeper must sign in daily  


This event is a 6 game format, 4 pool games then seeded into double elimination. There are no guarantee in the amount of games a team could play.

1st thru 4th team awards

1st and 2nd placed teams receive individual & team awards

WFC balls are furnished

Age group: 8u Entry Fees:$400.00
Format: Four pool play seeded into double elimination
Teams Must Pre-pay, by mailing a check made out to
PO BOX 51075
Myrtle Beach,SC 29579
Age group: 10u Entry Fees:$400.00
Format: Four pool play seeded into double elimination
Teams Must Pre-pay,by mailing a check made out to
PO BOX 51075
Myrtle Beach,SC 29579
Age groups: 12u,14u,16u,18u,24u Entry Fees:$885.00
Format: Four pool play seeded into double elimination
Teams Must Pre-pay, by mailing a check made out to
PO BOX 51075
Myrtle Beach,SC 29579
 Currently the event is open to all teams until March 1. After March 1 we can not guarantee spots even if a team has berth. Thank you teas as we forward to our 20th season
* Reminder spots are limited and all teams must pre-pay & WFC sanction. Then teams will be notified of entry.
Champs receive WFC Championship RINGS!!
Teams Pre-Order Tournament Shirts Today!
youth med & youth large AS thru AXLarge $20.00 each, 2X, 3X $25.00 IF PREORDERED AND PAYMENT MAILED. TOURNAMENT SHIRTS PURCHASED AT THE THE TOURNAMENT WILL BE $25 and $30  BnWof@aol.com 0r call Ben 843-349-8931 
PINS- Each girl will receive a WFC pin.  Pin trading will take place during opening ceremonies 
Contact DPH for all your team's trading pin needs:
With seven great locations on the Grand Strand, be sure to check out the Waffle House nearest you! 
WFC World Series on facebook
A team representative MUST check in at 5pm thru 7pm on Sunday July 29, 2018 at Central Park on fields 1 & 2 
1400 Outrigger Road, North Myrtle Beach, SC 29582.
 They must fill out a survey, give a cell number, and pick up bracket. Teams must have 2 copies of a signed WFC Roster. One will be turned in and the other will be signed and returned. Then the head coach must have the WFC signed roster along with copies of birth certificates & team insurance in the dugout throughout all WFC World Series games played.  Coaches remember failure to turn in a signed WFC roster can lead to disqualification.
Judgment Calls cannot be protested. All protests are $200.00 cash per request. After a team turns in a WFC signed roster at check in, no players can be added. Example no player can be on a 14u team roster & play on that team then play on & be on another age group team roster in the same event. This will lead to both teams being disqualified. Brackets will be available at check in.  Brackets will be seeded for this event so pool play games will be finish the inning but can end in a tie. 

WFC Festival will start on Monday July 30th   TBApm at TBA
Activities & contests TBA

Pool play will start Monday July 30th 8:00am
 WFC reserves the right to change locations.
Game Information Any games having 5 full inning is an official game. Metals cleats are allowed for the 14u 16u & 18u teams & on the turf fields
Heat Warning: Players, coaches, & fans please start drinking extra fluids before you arrive. While attending the World Series make a point to drink lots of water, due to the excessive heat warning in our area.
WFC does require that all parents, fans, coaches and players be on their best behavior while attending WFC World Series Events. WFC will not tolerate any unpartisan like behavior. Anyone who shows that they cannot behave in a proper manner will be asked to leave the complex immediately or the police will be called. Coaches please understand that sometimes there are calls that you will not agree with.
Pool games will be 1 hour & 20 mins finish the inning and can end in a tie. Seeding will be based on:  Team record by Winning Percentage, Head to Head, Runs Allowed, Runs Scored, Coin Toss. 
The higher seeded team will be the home team for bracket play.  The undefeated team will be home team for the championship with a flip on the possible IF game .The Home team is the official scorer. It is each team’s responsibility to turn in game scores.
Regular Bracket Games are 1 hour & 30 mins. An official game is 5 innings
Championship Games are 2 hours time limit or 6 inning for the 8u & 10u bracket or run rule 12, 10, 8. The if games will be the same.
Championship Games are 2 hours time limit or 7 inning for the 12u ,14u,16,18u,24u brackets or run rule 12, 10, 8. The if games will be the same
Coaches remember failure to turn in a signed WFC roster can lead to disqualification.
The WFC World Series schedule & teams will be posted tentatively by July 30 2018. The schedule will be as follows: pool play starts Monday morning July 30, 2018 . Some age groups pool play will start Tuesday morning. Bracket play start will be based on the weather, amount of teams, & many more reasons different age groups could have Championships on Thur., Fri, Sat, or Sunday.
Everyone should realize the schedule is subject to change. By teams dropping out, or adding teams, due to rain, lights not working, field damage, games going extra inning, mistake made in schedule and many more reasons. Because of this, teams need to expect the possible of late games on any night and tournament formant can be changed. EVERYONE SHOULD CHECK THE SCHEDULE BEFORE AND DURING THE WORLD SERIES.
Rule of conduct: Coaches control your team & players, always showing respect. Balls and strike calls cannot be questioned; this can lead to an ejection.
In case of catastrophic occurrences such as but not limited to hurricanes, fire, floods, etc.; a tournament may be cancelled regarding the safety of all teams and families. If cancellation occurs teams may incur up to a $TBA.00 charge for event costs.
We thank you again for participating in the 2018 WFC World Series in North Myrtle Beach, SC  We hope for a fun-filled week of great weather, competitve games, and friendships made that will last a lifetime. We have a long history with this event. Spots are very limited due the proven idea schedule, which gives the teams time for vaction too here in North Myrtle Beach 
Who's Playing:
Teams are posted at 
World Fastpitch Connection Staff

Ben Wofford


Phone: 843-349-8931

Website: www.playwfc.org