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Fall World Series


  • In order to ensure your team's attendance and scheduling, all teams must prepay for all tournaments via check or payment online. If you do not prepay, late fees will be assessed on Tuesday before the tournament (unless otherwise noted as a strictly pre pay tournament)
  • All teams must sanction with WFC each year (Aug 21-Aug 20) on our website at SANCTIONS
  • All teams must carry team insurance to participate in any WFC tournament.  It does not have to be through WFC however we do offer it at GET INSURANCE
  • All teams must turn in a completed signed roster (included players and parents signatures) at every tournament (some tournaments may require two).  Online rosters are NOT REQUIRED.  Rosters can be found at ROSTERS
  • Remember the HOME book is the official score book during all games
  • Players cannot be on more than 1 roster during the same tournament
  • All teams must check in before their first game (or at designated times if posted).  Failure to check in could forfeit your teams first bracket game or attendance at tournament
  • All teams must pay for discounted berths within 14 days of the offer.
    • When weather issues arise, the HEAD coach should report to the tournament tent for any pertinent information.  
    • If we experience any lightning, EVERYONE MUST CLEAR THE COMPLEX AND GO TO THEIR CARS (but not leave the parking lot). If you choose to remain in the complex, WFC and the complex is not responsible.
    • Do not return to the complex until it has been cleared by the tournament director and the complex